Wedding at Cape Arkona


Wedding at Cape Arkona

We are delighted to hear that you have decided to enter this new chapter of your life with us and say “I do” near the beautiful cliffs of Cape Arkona, overlooking the sparkling, vast sea.

You have chosen a very special place for your wedding!
For your civil wedding in the Schinkel Tower, a church wedding in the chapel at Vitt, or a free wedding at Cape Arkona, we offer you information and planning aids for orientation in all questions related to marriage and your dream wedding. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your wedding at the Cape will be a beautiful and memorable day, that you got to spend with loved ones and an indescribable view.

After you have registered your civil marriage at the North Rügen Office, we will gladly organize and plan the following details for you: vacation apartments on the Rügenhof, a personalized, engraved wedding stone, a love lock as well as individual ring holders, and much more.
For your wedding celebration, our “Kulturscheune” (culture barn) is an excellent location if you are going for a rustic chic style in a spacious and warm environment for your special day. Currently, it offers space for about 120 people. Since summer 2021, our marquee in the lighthouse keeper’s garden, below the two towers, is also available for your dream wedding, if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature during your wedding. The “Rügenhof” invites you to linger and with its romantic backdrop is perfect for photo shoots.
All questions that might arise during the planning process of your dream wedding such as the hairdresser, the bridal bouquet, the usage of one of our vintage cars or a wedding carriage, the wedding cake, wedding photographers, and much more, can be directly reported to our wedding planner Mrs. Susann Dransch, who will gladly support you with however much support you may wish for a require to make your and your partner´s day exactly how you imagined it.

Your wedding service at Cape Arkona

Susann Päschke

Susann Dransch


Office hours:

Mon & Tue: 08:00 – 16:00
Thu: 12:30 – 19:00 (by appointment)
Tel. 03 83 91 – 400-16
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We kindly ask you to arrange the date for your marriage directly at the registry office Nord-Rügen.

Mrs. Jochim

Tel.: 038302 – 800-154


Marriage in the lighthouse at Cape Arkona


Marriage at Cape Arkona

SchinkelturmSay “I do” in the wedding room of the “Schinkelturm”, the northernmost registry office in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The second oldest lighthouse on the German Baltic coast is a magical place for the most beautiful day in the life of every couple.

The fee for the wedding room is 399, -€.
When booking an appointment for your wedding you will have to do so exclusively through the registry office of the district North Rügen.

What could be more beautiful than ending your wedding ceremony with delicious refreshments that you can enjoy with all your loved ones? We offer an array of food and drinks such as sparkling wine or orange juice and homemade canapés.

Reception with Rotkäppchen sparkling wine p. p. 6,50 €
Orange juice p. p. 2,00 €
sandwiches p. p. 2,80 €

Rental hall (233 m² for approx. 120 persons) – 650,00 € incl. final cleaning
Our cozy “Kulturscheune”, on the Rügenhof, invites you to just relax and enjoy yourself while offering the perfect backdrop for photos with its romantic atmosphere.

Garten mit BeleuchtungDirectly below the two towers a large green area, surrounded by trees and equipped with a marquee, invites you to just relax and enjoy the sounds of nature.
Whether you prefer a chill atmosphere such as a cozy campfire and downtime in a beach chair, or a party until night falls, here you are among all of your friends and family and can freely decide how you might want to spend the most beautiful day of your life.

The shooting of wedding photos
Information under:
Costs are agreed upon by personal arrangement

Planting a personalized wedding stone with engraving 398,65 €

Cape Arkona is often described as being the harbor of marriage as dozens of couples decide to tie the knot in our beautiful wedding locations every year. The lighthouses show you the way. At the Schinkelturm – outside the registry office where you said “I do” – you can have a personalized wedding stone with an engraving of your liking planted which will serve as a beautiful memory and a connection to the breathtaking landscape of our Cape Arkona. Whenever you choose to return you will feel right at home and we will welcome you with open arms.

To give every of our excited newlywed couples the opportunity to immortalize themselves here, the laying period is sadly limited to 5 years. If you are interested, we can arrange for your wedding stone to remain in front of the towers for a small annual fee, or we can have them picked up and shipped directly to you.

Our Manfred”

Additionally, we offer rides in one of our cult cars; the trabi. A car that used to be widely popular in East­-Germany, and is now considered as part of the German car culture. Our specimen has one of the most typically German names imaginable and is ready to show you Kap Arkona personally and up close. In “Manfred” you will be driven to the Schinkelturm alongside the cultural must-haves in our German trabi cars, such as a nodding dog and the typical two-stroke engine.

Ride alongside the Hochuferweg in the wedding carriage of your dreams
Enjoy your first special moments and make fantastic memories with romantic activities such as a ride in one of our wedding carriages alongside the Hochuferweg at Cape Arkona – a beautiful finish to a romantic day.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Cape Arkona together with your guests. Be transported to a feeling of simplicity and that of being one with nature by traveling like the Kremser people centuries ago, in a large wagon pulled by our strong horses. You can share this experience with all of your loved ones as the wagons can take up to 12 people. kremser
We hope after your beautiful wedding you are not still searching for your something blue, but we want to offer you one of our nautical satin garters in a deep and rich blue color anyways. Our satin garter with dark blue edging comes with little ribbon bows lovingly designed and added by our team of talented seamstresses, which are customized for you with the “Kap Arkona” lettering and your wedding date or name. We also added a small, jeweled lighthouse as a highlight, that, if you look closely, can be seen sparkling under the bow.
Baumstamm This long-standing wedding custom is a popular activity after the wedding ceremony. We pride ourselves in only using sustainable practices by using local wood, from the Schaabe between Glowe and Juliusruh. The sawing of the tree trunk symbolizes the first challenge the newlyweds must go through but can be easily overcome by finding the right rhythm and working harmoniously. This unique and special moment can be shared with your wedding guests, by having them sign the sawed-off tree trunk and can serve as somewhat of a guestbook and a lasting memory.

If you wish, we can take over and order your beautiful flower arrangements for you so you can focus entirely on other details of your wedding. This service is also part of our partial planning to make you feel more confident and supported throughout this special journey.

Additionally, we would be delighted to provide you with our beautiful car decorations, for a rental fee of just 20 €.

The stylish ring holders made of slate, with beautiful and intricate details, are lovingly handcrafted by locals.
The rings are attached to a satin ribbon and are thus beautifully presented.

Immortalize yourself and your loved ones with a beautiful love lock and/or family lock.

Madlen has made her hobby her profession and combines long walks on the beach with her creativity.

Thus, with precise handwork, beautiful, unique pieces are created, which will always remind you and your guests of the most beautiful day in your life.

Handmade candles and “Kreidemännchen” (chalk figures that are often seen as a local mascot)
On our dear Rügenhof, wonderful, unique pieces are created in our candle workshop, e.g.: Your individual wedding candle with your name and wedding date.
Or a “Kreidemännchen” bride and groom, which, by your request, can be placed on a small personalized wooden plate and presents your amber.

Church wedding ceremony in the Uferkapelle Vitt

The Vitt Chapel is located above the charming fishing village Vitt, about one-kilometer southeast of Putgarten, and belongs to the parish of Altenkirchen in the Provostry of Stralsund of the Pomeranian Protestant Church District.

For more information, please contact the Protestant parishes of Altenkirchen and Wiek.